What you can sell on Brillr

  • Women’s, men’s and children’s jewellery
  • All items that you put on sale should be clean. We recommend disinfecting them in a way suitable to the item’s material. Please be aware that if they’re not, we may have to cancel the order.
  • Please note that if you use a paid feature (e.g. Bumps) for your listing and the listing violates our rules, we won’t be able to refund the cost of the feature after we remove or hide that listing.

Why your listing was hidden or deleted

At Brillr we pay great attention to content quality. If a listing doesn’t align with Brillr policy, we don’t have any other choice but to hide or remove it.

Hidden listings

We’ll have to hide your listing if:
  • Multiple brands are mentioned in a single listing
  • The item's price, condition, size or hashtags are misleading
  • The item's description promotes another marketplace
  • It’s placed under a wrong catalogue category
  • The pictures are of low quality

Deleted listings

We'll have to delete your listing if:
  • The item is counterfeit
  • The pictures are taken from another website, including stock photos
  • The item isn’t allowed to be sold on Brillr
  • The item is made from animal fur, reptile skin, shells, or ivory
  • It’s uploaded for the purpose of reselling (i.e. commercial selling)
Good to know:
  • We'll notify you of the reason why we've deleted or hidden your listing.
  • If we've hidden your listing, you can improve and republish it.
  • We'll have no choice but to suspend your account if you do not follow the Catalogue rules repeatedly.

Changing your email address

To change your email address:
  • 1. Click on your profile icon
  • 2. Go to Settings, and select Account settings
  • 3. Choose Change next to your email address, enter your new email address
  • 4. You’ll then receive a confirmation message to your new email address - open the message and hit Confirm this email there. You’re done!
If you don’t have access to the email with which you’re currently registered, please send us proof of your Brillr account ownership and we’ll help you make the changes.
Good to know
  • The confirmation email is valid for 24 hours. If this time has passed, please go through the steps described above once again and you’ll receive a new confirmation message.
  • The confirmation messages we send you might end up in the Spam and Junk folders of your email, so please make sure to check them as well.

Managing your profile details

You can easily add or edit your profile details (your name, gender, profile description, etc.)by following these steps:
  • 1. Press on your profile icon
  • 2. Press My settings
  • 3. Go to Profile details
  • 4. Add or change the profile details, and save the update

Receiving earnings from sold items

  • 1. Buyer pays for an item
  • 2. Payment is protected until delivery is complete
  • 3. Buyer hits Everything’s OK after the item is delivered or 7 days after the item’s delivery in case the buyer doesn’t report any issues → Order is completed → Seller gets paid.

Why can't I log in to my account?

You have difficulties accessing your account?
  • Try logging in with your email address instead of your username (use the email address you’ve used to register on Brillr) or with your Facebook account (if that's how you signed up for Brillr).
  • Make sure you’re trying to log into Brillr.co
  • You forgot your password?
  • 1. Click on “Log in” and then on “Forgot your password?”
  • 2. Enter your email address and then click on “Submit”
  • 3. Click on the button “Change password” in the mail sent by the Brillr team.
  • 4. You’ll then be able to create a new password and regain access to your account.
If you still can’t log in, your account might be on hold:

Why was my account blocked?

We always seek friendly solutions and give warnings beforehand, but we block accounts temporarily or permanently if members willfully ignore the Terms and Conditions,
We always notify members beforehand to let them know the reasons for the block.
In most cases, a member who's blocked still has the option to reply to existing conversations.
Common reasons for block:
Temporary Block (up to 30 days):
  • Offensive or spammy behavior (with other Vinties or on our forums)
  • Not responding to Brillr messages about resolving an issue with an order
  • Listing commercial content or selling replicas
  • Promoting selling outside the Brillr payment system
  • Promoting other sell/buy/trade marketplaces
  • Selling items which are intended to be sold for commercial purposes
Permanent block for:
  • Engaging in fraudulent activities or scamming
  • Creating multiple accounts
  • Continuing to misbehave after repeated warnings
  • Breach of Brillr's Terms and Conditions
  • Breach of our payment processor's (Stripe) Seller Terms
  • Selling items which are intended to be sold for commercial purposes
Good to know:
If your account is blocked and you'd like to access your inbox, you can do so by logging in on the website. If you need any extra information or assistance, please contact us.