What shipping options are available on Brillr?

There are 2 shipping options you can offer to your buyers on Brillr:
  • Hermes shipping
    • You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label and you’ll have to drop the item off at a Hermes ParcelShop.
    • Parcel tracking updates automatically on Brillr.
    • Brillr provides you with parcel compensation of up to £25.
    • Parcel will be delivered to buyer’s shipping address
  • Custom shipping
    • You may also use a shipping option of your choice.
    • You’ll need to add shipping cost when you upload your item. You’ve got to be precise, as you will neither be able to change the custom shipping option nor the postage price after your item is sold.
    • Make sure to check if your chosen shipping company provides any parcel compensation.
Currently only Custom shipping is available in Brillr platform

How does custom shipping method work?

If you prefer to choose the custom shipping option, please follow these steps:
  • 1. Choose a shipping company which provides tracked shipping
  • 2. Check the weight and dimensions of your item and find out the price of its delivery with your chosen shipping company - keep in mind that you’ll get paid only for the amount you've entered when uploading your item. You won’t be able to change the shipping method and its price after your item is sold!
  • 3. During uploading your item at pricing screen check “shipping included” option, you then add shipping cost with product price

Changing your shipping address

When you sign up, we will ask you to enter your shipping address and it will be saved for your future purchases.
To edit your address:
  • 1. Click on the profile icon
  • 2. Select Account Settings
  • 3. Choose Delivery Address
  • 4. Edit and save changes

Brillr Refund Policy

When you buy using the Buy now button, you pay through Brillr, you are covered by the Buyer Protection.
With Buyer Protection, you can receive a refund if your order:
  • Is significantly not as described
  • Never arrives
  • Is damaged in transit
  • Is cancelled by Brillr
  • Is manually cancelled by you (before the seller sends their item) or by your seller
    (after you submit a claim)
Purchased item doesn’t fit you or isn’t your style?
Unfortunately, you cannot claim a refund. You can still speak with your seller regarding the return, but it’s up to the seller to accept it. You can also upload the item to your own Brillr wardrobe and sell it there.

2 days to submit your claim

To claim a refund, press refund button from order page and bring the issue in the conversation screen with the seller. You have to do it within 2 days after the order is marked as ‘delivered’.
Once you do this, we’ll keep your payment on hold while you contact the seller. Express your concern to the seller and they will most likely help you solve the issue.
Your order will be completed and the payment will be automatically released to the seller if you miss the 2-day deadline.

Find mutual agreement with the seller

There are two possible solutions you and the seller may agree on:
  • You can keep the item and ask us to release your payment to the seller.
  • You can return the item, we’ll refund you.
You need to inform us about your chosen solution. Contact us when you find a mutual agreement, so we could make the final decision on the case.

Return fees

Usually, buyers cover the cost of the return postage unless you and your seller agree otherwise.
The return shipping cost depends on the shipping provider you and the seller choose. Any provider is suitable, as long as they offer parcel tracking.

Receiving a refund

You will receive your refund to the same card that you originally paid from. Usually money is refunded withing two working days, if not received after 7 working days please contact us.

When can I change shipping options as a seller?

You can change the delivery methods that you offer to your buyers only before they buy your items. You can do this by ticking the “shipping included” checkbox in the product pricing screen.
Once your buyer has made their purchase, you will either be using your own courier option or item be collected by buyer, otherwise, Brillr integrated shipping option which will provide shipping address and label to be printed from order page.
Currently only Custom shipping is available in Brillr platform

Who pays for shipping?

Buyers always cover the shipping costs. The shipping cost is shown at checkout, and it’s automatically added to the total payment for the order in case of integrated shipping option, for custom shipping seller includes shipping cost with the product price.
Currently only Custom shipping is available in Brillr platform

Packing an item

Before dropping off a sold item, you’ll have to ensure that it’s properly packed and can be safely transferred to the buyer:
  • 1. Use sturdy packaging: it’s best to use outer packaging that is sturdy and strong, ideally a cardboard box.
  • 2. Attach the shipping label properly: the label and, especially, the barcode should be stuck on a flat surface. Sticky tape should not cover the barcode, even if it’s transparent. . This will prevent various shipping issues.
If the item is damaged in transit because of inappropriate packaging, we may have to cancel the order and refund the buyer (as stated in our Refund Policy above).

Before you sell

Make sure your area has our shipping partner company’s parcel shop where you can drop the package off. You can choose your own shipping method otherwise. A poor choice may result in additional shipping costs and/or negative feedback.

Choosing parcel size (Brillr shipping option)

Since Jewellery and watches hardly ever need large packaging, we’ve a pre-set dimension and weight limit for packages. A maximum of 2kg per parcel and dimension should be measured using this technique "Add together the 2 shortest sides and multiply it by 2, add the length (maximum of 120cm). If the total is less than 245cm, you’re good to go!"

Brillr shipping label not generated

When you press Print label, the label is usually generated instantly. Once it is, you can download it directly to your device from the order page.
Still not working? Please contact us.