Don’t wear your jewellery?
Sell it!

Mrs. Rahman, founder of Brillr is a lifelong jewellery enthusiast. Fashion and jewellery have always been a passion, she noticed that the styles of jewellery that she loved that were common in South Asia and the Middle East where she had lived and worked previously were not readily available in the UK. Where jewellery in this style does exist in the UK, it had been created and was being sold by independent UK jewellery manufacturers and retailers that are trying as best as they can to serve a need in the communities in which they live. Many of these jewellers operate in communities in which there is a large South Asian or Middle Eastern population but very few are able to commit to the style of jewellery that is popular in South Asia and the Middle East as they do not want to narrow their appeal of their jewellery stores to only the members of those ethnic communities without offering jewellery that appeals to the wider population of the areas that they serve. Very few of these independent jewellers have any kind of online presence either so they are limited in terms of the market that they can reach.