Selling your items faster

There are steps you can take to get more attention to your items and sell them quicker and easier:
Revamp your listing
  • Use high quality photos from different angle in your listing to make sure the item is clearly visible in all its beauty.
  • Improve the title and description.
  • Add tags, this helps members find your item via search.
Build a trustworthy profile
  • Present yourself and your style briefly by filling in the ‘About you’ section in your profile. The description will be visible to the whole community.
Get noticed
  • Upload new items regularly - potential buyers will start following you and they'll be notified when you add something new.
  • Reduce the price of your items. Members who follow you or who have favorited your items will be notified of the discount.
  • Already started a conversation with your buyer? Make an offer to them!

Cancelling an order

To cancel your purchase:
  • 1. Open your conversation screen with the other member
  • 2. Click on the information icon (i) at the top-right corner
  • 3. Choose Cancel transaction and select a reason, or write your own reason by choosing Other
  • A mutual agreement between a buyer and a seller about cancelling their order will help them avoid automatic negative feedback.
  • If you’re a seller and your item was bought, but the deal was cancelled along the way, click Re-upload in the conversation screen. This will make your item available again.

Receiving earnings from sold items

  • 1. Buyer pays for an item, money is escrowed until good is delivered
  • 2. Once the item is delivered, seller marks it as complete or buyer accepts it received
  • 3. Buyer doesn’t report any issues after the item is delivered or 2 days after the item’s delivery order is completed automatically
If the buyer reports an issue and asks for a refund, the order is marked as pending. Brillr verifies this with both parties, asking buyer to arrange a return, upon receiving the item seller confirms it and order is cancelled - buyer gets full refund