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Brillr is the contemporary marketplace for your jewellery. At Brillr we invite you to join our community of unique retailers and start selling the creative jewellery you've crafted, the brand new items you've never worn and the pre-loved pieces ready for a new home. Here you can sell it all and buy it all. Join now to start your next jewellery story.

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Brillr is a marketplace dedicated to jewellery

No Buyer fees

There is a 5% fee from sellers (5% of what they sell).

Buyer protection

We'll issue a refund if your item doesn't arrive, arrives damaged, or is not as described. All payments are encrypted and handled by our trusted payment partner Stripe.

Free listing

We don't charge sellers any fee to list their items. The commission is only taken when an item is sold.

Seller protection

When a buyer orders an item, money is held by our trusted partner, Stripe. The seller gets paid as soon as the buyer receives the item undamaged and as described by the seller.

Enhanced seller Visibility

BriLLr is a dedicated platform for jewellery and watches, sell and re-sell your items on a dedicated platform that is naturally decLuttered.

Customisable Marketplace

Brillr offers a dedicated and customisable seller marketplace that enhances and promotes visibility to optimise sales and draw customers to your dedicated seller platforms.

Item Enhancement

Brillr enhances each seller's ideal customer reach by retargeting advertising and using algorithms that target a look alike audience that pre-qualifies each buyer to the platform.

Privacy Safegaurd

Brillr adds an extra Layer of protection to all your transactions and ensures that your information remains secure and safe.

Order protection

Your order is protected when you pay through Brillr. You'll get a refund if your item doesn't arrive, was damaged in transit, or is significantly not as described.

Integrated Shipping Coming Soon

Sellers will enjoy a seamless selling experience by simply dropping parcels to our partner's parcel shop (collect prepaid shipping labels from there). We also offer increased insurance coverage to protect against unexpected damage and theft.

Deep Tagging

We use AI-powered algorithms to identify and tag detailed product attributes. This enhances the retail experiences of our users with Deep Tagging and Visual Similarity Search to help sellers market their products effectively.